How Looking Glass Media Works

Looking Glass Media’s process for getting onscreen is easy and we’re here to help at every step. By following our 4 simple steps, you can be watching your high-profile ad on the big screen in less than 48 hours!

1. Get in Touch
Get in touch so we can discuss your business and your specific objectives. We will develop a program that fits your needs and budget.

2. Develop Ad Creative
If you have an existing ad, we will get it ready for the cinema screen. If you don’t have an ad, not to worry, our in-house creative team will create ads under your guidance following our proven process. We’ve produced thousands of ads that appear before moviegoing audiences across the country.

3. Start Your Campaign
Once you are happy with the program and advertisement, we’ll launch your campaign on the movie screen.  Nothing more you need to do.

4. Evaluate and Refine
With your advertising program running on the big screen, we will work together to refine your program and messaging over time for even better results.


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Napa, California 94558

Office: 888.990.8777